The beggings of a blog….

Why am i here?…

That’s the question I ask, and have asked myself over the course of quite a few years now; not in a life of earth is limited kind of way but here, on ablog typing things in a gaming era where videos are the medium of expression of games?

Its not the first time I’ve had a blog, once upon a time I had a site where i used to review various media, that evolved over time into making youtube videos and eventually essays. Its now a thing of the past as that channel; is no more and after loosing 4 years worth of work I walked away, while making a channel to archieve what little I had backed up.

I guess however I like to have acreative outlet, to talk about games and other thinsg from time to time, especially from a new standpoint of having kids who are growing up in this beautiful (but also very dangerous at times) era of gaming. I want to talk about the games I play, the expereinces i share with my kids in that area and also from time to time maybe talk about my own history in the games industry.

I’d like to think I’m not the person I was years ago of my youtube days, I’m not chasing subs, viewers or network partners but just typing my thoughts which may or may not be seen many.. but it’s nice just to have something to write about and have an outlet.

So with that I leave you.. and if your reading this then what might you want to read in the future? Games to play with kids, stories about working in games or seeing some stuff I’ve done as well maybe?

I’ll just leave it at that, along with what I’m currently playing and have watched.. and if you want to know my thoughts on it then let me know…


Currently Playing: 

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Child of Light

Cadence of Hyrule

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