Posting photos of Children?

In a recent feedback request post I made on a Reddit page about this blog the topic came up of me showing my kids playing games. Naturally this is something as a parent I’d extremely wary off and when it comes to protecting my kids I’ve generally only made mention to them and their ages. So far on this blog I’ve not shown any pictures or actually mentioned their names, just referring to my little girl and boy.

As readers of this blog.. and I know your in the few so far I wonder what you’d want to actually see pictures of them playing? I will resist showing their faces unless they are old enough to consent.. and right now I don’t believe that is the case and won’t be for a while. However clever photography can also be sown, shooting from behind for example.

I’ve just recent taken some pictures with this in mind and will be sharing some in regards to a topic I want to cover on arcades, but this is just a general question to those who read this blog and I guess also in general.

Whats important to you, does talking about kids playing games and not showing it in some form invalidate the story? I personally don’t think so which is why I adopted the stance I did, but not everyone would agree it seems


One thought on “Posting photos of Children?

  1. I completely agree with your wariness in this day and age. Parents can never be too careful, especially around strangers! Have a most auspicious and delightful rest of your day!

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