Talking Games: Anthem – 2 Months in

I wanted to return to Anthem, which I admit I never expected to still be playing at this point. I do have a love for Sci Fi MMOs… and Phantasy Star Online 2 cant get here soon enough. However given the general distaste for the game that has gone on over time I wasn’t sure I’d commit to longer term play.

I’ll admit it hasn’t always been easy, which I’ll talk about later, but my initial love affair with the game in it’s early hours soon passed as I started to experience the core game play loop of Anthem. I wanted to experience the story first to give context and learn more about the lore of the game. Which I’ve tried to do solo so I could go at my own pace, in-dispersed with dabbling into free-play and some of the other features to level up a bit more and find new gear.

Despite getting advice early about what class of Javelin to choose for my initial journey, I choose a Ranger Javelin, however I believe that it was a miss step as when you want to solo and branch out from just shooting guns you need to dream a little bigger and less safe. I grinded through to level 8 and got myself the Storm Javelin and the game changed for me. 

Suddenly the whole experience changed for me, unlike the third person shooter feel of the Ranger, the Storm class could float over the battle field and rain down big area of effect magic down of a wide ranger of enemies as well as combo in single player mode easily (Though there should have been some kind of tutorial on performing combos, like many features of Anthem I’ve had to turn to google to learn more.) On top of all that as well I still had my guns to fall back on as needed. The final nail in the coffin is the Storm having such a cool design.. it’s fun to use and looks the part as well.

Cataclysm managed to help get me through the story road block forced upon you mid story

Working my way through the story was my main focus until one point, your pulled out and put on hold until you complete 4 trials found in free play and this honestly made me nearly quit the game. Each of the 4 tombs you have to uncover have a list of goals you have to complete to enter. Now many of these goals are fairly easy (kill elites, kill with certain weapons etc) however others require flat out grinding; like completing world events and opening chests.. which you have to open and not a team member apparently. The big blocker for me however was resurrecting fallen team members.

I feel like this should not have been a big issue, yet now the game seems to be filled people who know all to well what they are doing, coupled with those who don tat this point being quite avid gamers still which made seeing people die a very rare occurrence. My ultimate strategy for this was to jump to the recent cataclism update in hard mode and hope that even the best players woudl die as a part of that.. and when I was able to find a team to play with it did eventually happen after near a full week of playing, by which point all other tasks had been completed.

Once this was all said and done and I was able to move forward with the story the actual recovery of the Armour of Dawn was the most enjoyable segment of the main story since playing the opening of the game. The twist and betrayal is as far as I’ve gotten since, choosing to catch up on side missions and play more Cataclysm (which kinda half spoils the plot given the support you have when playing those missions).

I must admit I’m unsure about the future of Anthem right now given the recent news, but the plot still does interest me and I want to continue, but the idea of loosing the future story for Cataclysm events makes me hesitant that I’m not doing enough in the game given my infrequence of play. But I will continue to push through, I feel more equipped now for the job then even that’s to obtaining a few very overpowered weapons as a part of Cataclysm

In short.. I still like Anthem.. even when it’s at it’s more tedious.. I see potential and I hope some how it gets to be that great experience it should be… if it’s still being played a year from now maybe theirs a chance for that.


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