Talking Games: Anthem – 2 Months in

I wanted to return to Anthem, which I admit I never expected to still be playing at this point. I do have a love for Sci Fi MMOs… and Phantasy Star Online 2 cant get here soon enough. However given the general distaste for the game that has gone on over time I wasn’t sure […]

Gaming Ignorance: Me in the 90s

I really didn’t know nothing about games, I was an only child with few friends and knowledge about games at the time was fairly limited. This was a pre-internet age after all and unless you were talking to friends about what games you were playing you were only most likely going to find information about games in the various gaming magazines.

Gaming with the Family: The Witness

Considering this blog is mostly dedicated to the trials and tribulations of gaming with my kids. It’d be a lost opportunity to not expand upon that on those occasions when it’s been the older adults that have been the ones brought into the gaming world. Now I’ve mentioned before that my partner isn’t the biggest […]

The beggings of a blog….

Why am i here?… That’s the question I ask, and have asked myself over the course of quite a few years now; not in a life of earth is limited kind of way but here, on ablog typing things in a gaming era where videos are the medium of expression of games? Its not the […]